Sunday, 2 October 2016

Mythology Competition results

The results of the 2016 Mythology Competition are up, and so are next year's topics! Click here to read about the competition, and here to find the winners' names. Pictures and stories will be posted soon.

Article about Latin in the Academy Transformation Trust

Kelly Vaughan, Vice Principal of Jubilee Academy, Mossley, has sent us this article on Latin in the Academy Transformation Trust. Minimus is the course used, although not mentioned by name!

Current Minimus book prices

Here's a list of prices correct in September 2016, which may be useful!

                                                          Hellenic Bookservice/CUP             Amazon

Minimus Book 1 Starting out in Latin     £13.95                                       £12.17

Minimus Book 2 Moving on in Latin      £13.95                                       £12.52

CD 1                                                 £16.74                                       £13.16

CD 2                                                 £20.34                                       N/A

Teacher's Book 1                                £57.95                                      £50.99

Teacher's Book 2                                £57.50                                      £57.50

Hellenic Bookservice gives 10% discount and offers free delivery to schools on orders over £50.

Amazon has a variable P&P depending upon the speed of the delivery. It is free on larger orders, if there is no rush.

Newsletter 60 is published!

Download Newsletter 60 and find all previous editions here.