Monday, 29 June 2015

Its all happening in The Midlands!...

Its all happening in The Midlands!  Last week I was in Solihull training teachers and this week in Birmingham; as a result of the Birmingham meeting a number of vice-principals in the area are considering using Minimus. 

Also this week I have finished 5 weeks of teaching PGCE students. 

These student teachers are not Classicists but are training to teach English and Modern Foreign Languages. 39 of them completed the course and have a certificate to say they are qualified to teach the Minimus Primary Latin course.  

This teaching took place at Bristol University and other universities are showing interest. 

We had a great bunch of students with a large number of different languages between them. This was a very stimulating new departure for Minimus and I hope it will be repeated next year. Watch this space!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Latest news...

Latest news...

1. Yesterday I ran a Minimus training day here in Bristol. 3 ladies came  to my home for the day to train to teach Minimus. Amazing that this is still happening, 20 years after I first had the idea of writing the book. 
2. This week worldwide sales of the first book passed 150,000 copies!