Sunday, 18 September 2016

Training grants and book grants

Training Grants

A growing number of primary schools across the UK now teach Latin on the curriculum as their designated language at Key Stage 2.  Training  for teachers interested in using Minimus to introduce Latin as an enrichment activity or as a  designated language is available to schools across the UK.  Grants to cover the costs of training are available to state schools from the national charity Classics for All.  If you are interested in a grant, please email for further advice on how to apply.

If you have queries about the Minimus materials, first try “ New to Minimus?” on our website. For any further advice please email the Author, Barbara Bell  -

Book grants

To find out about grants to help with the cost of books, please visit this page on the website

Friday, 2 September 2016

Minimus et Minimusculus

Helen and I had a lot of fun writing a new book for children aged 4-6 – “ Minimusculus” (“a very little mouse"). This is an introduction to the Romans, Vindolanda and the Minimus family. 

Helen is now creating wonderful pictures for it. We plan to include songs and links to other activities on the website! 

We are working hard to get this out in good time for Christmas. Watch the website for details of publication and purchasing.

July :  I also spent a few days in Sorrento writing new Minimus material whilst gazing across to Vesuvius…

Watch the website (  for news about the new material. My lips have to be sealed at present! 

Exciting sites/sights in the South of France

Here I am at the Pont du Gard and the theatre at Orange in France!

This summer I saw the amphitheatre at Nimes, the Roman theatre at Orange and the stunning Pont du Gard. Three marvellous Roman sites in 3 days!

Minimus July News

July :  2 Minimus days training teachers in the Midlands, sponsored by Classics for All.  At the invitation of Anna Donnelly, I visited Fordbridge Community Primary School and also Codsall Heath Primary. Thanks, tired teachers at the end of term, for welcoming me, looking after me and showing such interest in Minimus! 

The Solihull project has been a very exciting development, thanks to inspired and enthusiastic leadership from Anna Donnelly. Good luck with your new job in London!