Friday, 2 October 2015

It has been an incredible week...

It has been an incredible week. Last Saturday over 50 Minimus supporters- sponsors, teachers, teacher trainers et al met at the excellent Ioannou Classics Centre in Oxford for a party to celebrate worldwide sales of 150,000 copies. It was a fantastic evening- so much so that I couldn't sleep on Saturday night- far too excited as I relived it all! 
As always, Classicists love to meet and chat and offer mutual support ; we are, after all, an endangered species. 
Each member of the PLP committee spoke briefly about their area of PLP work. These talks were so clear and showcased all that we do. People were surprised that Minimus is far from just a book.
We even had messages from our 2 committee members in the USA- Ruth Ann Besse from Baltimore and Zee Ann Poerio from Pittsburgh  sent a video clip of her Minimus students ;Zee Ann herself also spoke and sent an inspiring message, reassuring us that all our work for PLP continues to spread " across the pond." 
The food was delicious and I am so grateful to Chris Pelling and Mai Musie for allowing us to use the Classics centre and for the events manager- Kate DelNevo, and her team, who arranged such an excellent evening for us. 
I have received a host of encouraging messages this week from those who attended. 
Here's to 200,000 !   Barbara
Jeremy Patterson and Barbara Bell at Minimus celebration
Jeremy Patterson (PLP Chairman) and Barbara Bell
Barbara and Nick Bell
Barbara Bell and Helen Forte
Catherine Jarvis, Barbara Bell, Helen Forte
Diana Sparkes, Michele Anderson
Brian Sparkes, Pam Macklin
Roger Davis, Barbara Bell
Jeremy Patterson, Michael Crawford
Barbara Bell, Sir Jeremy Morse
Zee Ann Poerio's video message from the USA
Jeremy Patterson, James Morwood
Wendy Hunt
Anna Donnelly
Jane Maguire
Elly Watson
Minimus cupcakes!
Minimus riding a discus
Minimus and a friend
Helen Forte

PLP committee meeting tomorrow...and British Museum day in 2016

Tomorrow we have our PLP committee meeting. We meet twice a year and this time we will be convening at Beechwood Park, where Michelle Anderson teaches. I am looking forward to spending the day in such elegant surroundings .I last visited two years ago to judge their Latin play competition and to enjoy a Roman banquet! 
On a separate trip I visited  Michelle's classes. I especially remember the children acting "Odysseus and the Cyclops" with some impressive Greek  soldiers moving across the classroom floor hiding under the sheep... all great fun. 
We will be discussing future plans for Minimus  including our next day at the British Museum - Sat. June 18th -as well as long-term plans to develop the Project even further. Exciting times!