Thursday, 2 June 2016

Saying 'vale' to Pam plus more!

1. May 7th - we had a very happy committee meeting with so many exciting ideas for future Minimus resources. Sadly, we said goodbye to Pam Macklin, who is leaving the committee after 20 years of wonderful support for Minimus!
2. May 18th - a very enjoyable training day at Chew Valley school. Representatives from 4 schools met to consider using Minimus. None were Latin specialists but were encouraged to learn that Minimus is being taught very successfully by non-Latinists. Thanks to Helen Currie and Classics for All for setting this up and for the potential development of another Classics Hub - and only 8 miles from my home.
3. Helen Forte and I are meeting in August to create new pre-Minimus material for children aged 3-6.
Thank you for so much positive feedback and so many good suggestions about this material.

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