Thursday, 26 July 2012

Minimus the Musical, 2012

After all the hard work, we put on five good performances of 'Minimus the Musical' in London and Monmouth. Over 1000 people saw the show -750 in Monmouth and 250 in London. Several schools were able to come, including a Prep school which has not yet used Minimus. Their dynamic teacher of Latin came to the June training day, was hooked, has persuaded their Head to introduce it in Yr 4 & 5 and brought a group to see the show. (and has written a very complimentary email!) Many of our sponsors such as Peter Wiseman, Anthony Bowen, Christopher Liddle, Jeremy Morse & Belinda - all of whom have been very generous to Minimus - attended one of the performances.
I was very proud of the cast and the orchestra also sounded good. We came up to London in a huge coach complete with all the instruments, costumes and props, including Barates' cart, specially made for this production by a member of our DT department!   

The DVD of the Musical is now available at a cost of £16 plus postage. Click here for an order form.

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  1. THat sounds wonderful. Is it possible to buy a musical score of this? With best wishes, Blanaid Murphy